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Proven to increase treatment plan acceptance by up to 50%, NDP is an interest-free payment solution that supports your patients and ensures your practice gets paid upfront!

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Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance

Clinics that use NDP have 50% increased rates of treatment acceptance, driving more patients to your practice and unlocking revenue that’s frozen within incomplete treatment plans.

We Pay You Upfront

For both major surgeries and minor treatments, you get paid upfront before you commit any hours to a procedure, and Humm takes on the responsibility of collecting patient repayments.

Fast Application Time

It only takes a few minutes to set up your patient’s payment plan at reception. All that’s needed is bank account or credit card details and to satisfy a few basic criteria.

Increase Treatment Plan Value

NDP lets your patients borrow up to $20,000 to spend on treatments and products with you, driving the value of patient treatment plans by up to 45%, with the average sitting at $4,400.

Convert treatment plans with confidence

Partnering with National Dental Plan lets you secure upfront payments for any procedure, big or small.

Your patients can be approved for coverage in-clinic, allowing you to lock in treatment plans immediately after consultation. As Australia’s only buy now pay later scheme for dental work, NDP is removing financial barriers for patients and dentists alike.


How does NDP work in my practice?

Step 01

Step 01

Discuss treatment plans with your patient and introduce NDP as a convenient payment solution.

Step 02

Step 02

Patients apply for NDP at reception. It is a simple application process that only takes a few minutes and has high rates of approval.

Step 03

Step 03

You receive upfront payment directly, with NDP now taking on the responsibility for collecting patient repayments.

Step 04

Step 04

Patients can start their treatment immediately, controlling how they choose to spread the cost over time with NDP.

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